Long-term vision

Up to the year 2050, the permanent residence population of urban area is expected to reach 8.8 million, and the primary indicators of the social and economic development in urban areas would catch up with the developed countries of that time. The city would present a prosperous picture with economy thrived, science and education advanced, tourism flourished, layout and structure of industries optimized, and people fully well-off. The city center is forged as a modern international scenic tourist city with highly integrated functions from two banks of Qiantang River, appropriate layout and structure, good eco-environment, beautiful urban scenic areas and perfect urban facilities.

Outbound and intra traffic of the city is convenient. Railways, roads, waterways and airlines as well as road net and road stations are better constructed; developed intra public transportations and high-speed track transportation are formed in net and ring and become the main transportations radiating to the city periphery. The infrastructure including water supply and drainage, electricity, telecom and natural gas is moderately advanced and comes to the standard of developed countries. The security facilities, such as flood prevention, earthquake prevention, fire prevention and civil air defense are further perfected to satisfy the development of the city.

The land use of the city continue to expand alongside and cross the river and extend up to east and south and is forming a delicate layout features of the city. Optimize the land use structure and further develop the Qiangjiang riverside belt with city business center along the banks of Qiangjiang River. Further display the functions of a capital city, and transfer parts of its functions to its periphery, to establish a metropolitan city with complementary advantages, harmonious development, urban-rural integrated, eco-environment sound and environmentaly beautiful.