Urban environmental protection

With improvement of urban environment quality as its core, the urban environment protection work focuses not only on the protection and construction of eco-environment, but also on the pollution prevention and treatment as well as ecological protection. It promotes the sustainable development of society, economy and environment by highlighting the pollution control of river system and ecological construction as well as urban energy structure and the layout structure of the functional areas.

Eco-environmental protection: Further strengthen the ecological protection of north-western mountainous areas of Yuhang District, Southern hilly regions of Xiao shan District, western mountainous areas of Xihu District; reinforce the protection of the centralized drinking water reserve, wetland and scenic areas so as to keep their natural landscapes and structures and promote the biological diversity.

Comprehensive treatment of water environment: Ensure urban water resources and water quality reach the standard; carry out the total volume control of water pollutants from produce to discharge; intensify the disposal of key pollutants and urban concentrated sewage; take proper advantage of the environment capacity of Qiantang River and introduce water from the main city river for environmental use; ensure each water system and water functional areas reach the planned standard of water quality; guarantee industrial sewage processing rate reach up to 95 percent while the standard-reaching rate come to 100 percent.

Comprehensive treatment of atmospheric environment: Adjust the energy structure: actively develop clean energy such as electricity, natural gas; reduce the coal usage and spread the clean coal technology. Promote the efficiency of fuel gas and develop the centralized heat supply; purify the smoke from power plants; control and treat the industrial waste gas and automotive carbon emissions; increase the coverage of green land, speed up the buildup of urban eco-environmental system and further enhance the atmospheric environment quality.

Comprehensive treatment of acoustic environment: Speed up the construction of orbital highway, expressway, rail transit; transform the urban road net, improve the road condition and strengthen the traffic management; carry out the regulation of no-honking in urban area so as to reduce the traffic noise; lower the living noise and construction noise; speed up the construction of noise-pollution- in-standard-scope area.

Management and comprehensive utilization of solid contaminants: Implement the disposal project of solid industrial and medical contaminants; actively develop the no waste or less waste processing; the disposal and utilization rate of solid industrial waste is more than 90 percent; the concentrated disposal rate of dangerous materials (including medical waste) reaches to 100 percent; speed up the urban facilities construction for environment and public health; ensure no-harm waste processing rate to reach 100 percent.

Control and treatment of pollution resources: Great importance should be placed on the supervision of radioactive environment, quality of various radio frequency transmission devices, control and treatment of electromagnetic pollution; treatment of chemical pollution, indoor pollution, biological pollution and invasion of foreign species in various ways.