Urban Landscape

The city pattern of “cloud-capped hills on three sides and the busy town on one side, half scenery half town, scenery fairly integrated with the town” will be retained and spectacular new cityscape along both banks of Qiantang River will be developed. Setting river, lake, mountain and city as the base, the color of green as the key note, and main rivers and roads as the framework, major devotion should be put into the construction of five lanscape planes (West Lake, Qiantang River, the Grand Canal, urban green lands and special landforms), several landscape belts (Yan’an Road, Qingchun Road, Jiefang Road, Shixin Road, West Lake Avenue, Zhijiang Road, Zhongxing Road and Wentao Road; the Grand Canal, Shangtang River, Zhonghe River, Donghe River, Tiesha River, Yuhangtang River, Xitang River, Wulitang River, Beitang River, Yongjiu River, Xiaoshan-Shaoxing Canal, Jianshe River and Nanmen River; historical streets) and five types of landscape venues (urban squares, urban parks, key cultural relics and historical sites, landmark builidings and urban sculptures, and ornaments), to form a complete system of urban landscape, fully displaying the style and features of Hangzhou as the role of a noted historic and cultural city as well as a scenic and tourist city. The image design of the city will be improved to upgrade the city’s taste.