Protection of Historical and Cultural Sites

The protection work of the historical cityscape of ancient city and all valuable historical and cultural heritage will be carried out to form a multi-aspect complete protection system of different levels, in accordance with the principles of “to give priority to the historical and cultural heritages, and protect them in an all-round, scientific and systematic manner” and “to protect the overall environment of natural lanscapes perfectly integrated with historical and cultural heritages, protect and salvage cultural relics and historic sites, historic streets and underground sites, protect religious culture and ethnic culture, put emphasis on the excavation and exhibition of Southern Song Dynasty Capital culture, Wu-Yue culture and Liangzhu culture, preserve the historical cityscape and at the same time improve the environment, and combine protection with utilization”.

The overall environment of the city should be protected strictly with the focus on preservation of ten historical and cultural streets and sixteen historical sectors; efforts should be intensified on the protection of 160 cultural relics protection units of various levels, 239 cultural relics protection spots and historical buildings in the urban areas; the work of Beijing-Hangzhou Canal's application for the world heritage will be initiated, and the project of comprehensive treatment and protection and development of the Grand Canal will be implemented; strict control will lay on the construction within 8 key protection areas for underground cultural relics, and the unearthing endeavor should be strengthened; the cultural features of 5 characteristics cultural protection areas within the West Lake Scenic Area will be preserved; protection will be enhanced of the 3 provincial historical and cultural protection areas (famous towns) which are Tangqi Town of Yuhang, Jinhua Town and Yaqian Town of Xiaoshan; measures will be taken to protect ancient and well-known trees according to different levels, museums of different themes will be set up, and protection will be reinforced of traditional culture, folk arts, conventional industrial and commercial businesses and “long established brands” as well as traditional place names.

The structural drawing of the protection of famous historical and cultural city (click the picture to enlarge)