Urban disaster prevention

1) Flood control: Observed by the principle of comprehensive planning, overall consideration, all-round benefits and implementing all installments; build up standard flood control dykes and water conservancy facilities to enhance the urban flood control level and reach the national standard.
  Main urban city is designed for once-in-two-century standard; three sub-cities such as Jiangnan Subcity, Linping Subcity, Xiasha Subcity are designed for once-in-a-century standard; other group of six areas, like Tangqi, Liangzhu, Yuhang, Yipeng, Guali, Linpu is designed for once-in-fifty-year standard. Zhoupu(locates at the northern bank of Qiangtang River) -Qiangtang River Bridge dyke section adopts the first level dyke and once-in-a-century standard; Qiangtang River Bridge-Sanbao Ship lock section adopts the standard no less than once-in-two-century; Sanbao Ship lock-Xiasha section adopts once-in-a-century standard; Nan’ an adopts once-in-a-century standard.

2) Earthquake prevention: Carry out the policy of prevention first and combination of the defense and rescue; strengthen the monitoring and prediction mechanism of earthquake and promote the overall earthquake resistance efficiency of project construction, gradually enhance the comprehensive defense and emergency aid capability of earthquake disaster; map out the evacuation plans before an earthquake and clear up space for two square-meter per capita for earthquake evacuation. Emphasize on the chemistry industry in the event of an earthquake in case of secondary disaster.

3) Fire prevention: Enforce fire prevention protocol, as its top priority and combining fire prevention with control; fully display the emergency functions of urban fire prevention with all-round management, favorable to production and security insurance. Put vital protection and balanced layout as a first priority, properly arranging the emergency routes of fire prevention and fire fighting passages. To ensure the protection of cultural heritage sites, important facilities and surrounding buildings also fire prevention in scenic areas, forests and lakes. Properly deal with the production, restoration, and transportation projects of combustible and explosive goods and set up partition belts according to certain regulations for the purpose of evading the spread of big accident to surrounding areas.

4) Civil defense: Carry out the civil construction policy of long-run preparation, key construction and combination of peace and war in accordance to the request for first-class standard of major cities in national civil defense. Fully improve the overall urban defense capability; stick to the principle of unified planning, implement by districts. Combination of areas near by and far away, and efficiency priority; make full use of efficiency of the war readiness, society, economy and environment of the civil defense; build up the national defense system, flexible and reliable communication and alarming system and professional staff team; ensure the efficient people evacuation system.

5) Prevention and treatment of geologic hazards: Strengthen the planning and management work of geological hazards in project construction; firmly adhere to the principle of prevention first and combination with control and treatment, and map out relevant prevention measurements and plans, reduce the loss caused by geological hazards to the maximum.