Time limit and scale of the urban planning

1) Time limit of the urban planning
  Short-term period: 2001~2010
  Long-term Period: 2011~2020
  Long-term outlook: up to the year 2050

2) Scale of the urban planning
  1. Scale of urban system planning: Under the jurisdiction of Hangzhou Municipal government, including Hangzhou and five other cities at county level such as Fuyang, Lin’an, Tonglu, Jiande, Chun’an with an area of 16596 square kilometers.
  2. Scale of city planning: Hangzhou and water conservation area; the city includes eight districts such as Shangcheng District, Xiacheng District, Gongshu District, Xihu District, Jianggan District, Binjiang District, Xiaoshan District, Yuhang District with an area of 3068 square kilometers; water conservation area including some areas of 54 square kilometers alongside the river in Fuyang City with total ares of 3122 square kilometers.