Name: Hangzhou Urban Planning Bureau
Main responsibilities: Hangzhou Urban Planning Bureau is a government department in charge of urban planning. Its major responsibilities are as follows:
1.Carry out relevant national and provincial policies, laws and regulations on city planning; draft relevant local regulations, rules and policies about administrative management of urban planning; organize the implementation after approval; being entrusted by the municipal government, HUPB is responsible for the research on the urbanized policy and urban development strategy; take charge for the formulation, adjustment, revision of overall planning and report to the departments concerned for approval;
2.Be responsible for the compilation work of district plan, urban priority of contracture and detailed planning(including the regulatory detailed planning ); be responsible for reporting the district planning and vital and detailed planning to the departments concerned for approval and dealing with the examination and approval processing for other detailed planning;
3.Be in charge of selecting sites for construction projects, verifying and issuing the suggestions paper for the sites selection, a planning permit for the use of land for construction ;
4.Organize the examination of the implementation of all the plans, like new construction projects, expanded projects, modification of buildings, structures, roads, and pipelines; verify and issue the planning permit for the construction project or temporary planning permit for the construction project; Be responsible for the examination of the implementation of all the construction projects and final check after the project is completed;
5.Participate in the examination of the tentative design of construction projects and handle with the verifying and approving process with Hangzhou Contracture committee; report to the municipal government jointly with Hangzhou Contracture committee for the important contractures in crucial sections;
6.Organize the draft and revision of the urban planning management regulations and technology norms; deal with issues relating administrative review and litigation on urban management ;
7.Take charge of urban mapping administration and management of urban planning and mapping industry; responsible for the examination for licensed planner certificate and management of qualification system; be responsible for the information and archives of city’s planning and mapping;
8.Be responsible for the planning compilation and examination work of towns and villages in its jurisdiction; provide professional guide for the county planning and make technical appraisal to the overall planning of the towns and cities;
9. Undertake the routine work of urban planning commission and urbanize leadership office; assist to the experts counseling commission of urban planning for relevant work;
10. Handle the other matters handed over by the municipal government.
Address: No.15, Wensan Road, Hangzhou
Post code: 310012
Supervision telephone number: 88806937
Email :