Development and control of the space of towns and villages

1) Basic farmland protection and subsidiary food production base
  Suburban agriculture should change its single function of ensuring urban supply into the urban agriculture with joint development of the functions of economy, ecology and society; rationally plan the agricultural and subsidiary products base such as vegetable base, fish, cattle and milk base; fully engaged in the development of green agriculture, facility agriculture, eco-friendly agriculture, export-oriented agriculture and sightseeing agriculture; provide rich, high-quality and safe agricultural products and industry materials home and abroad; take the role as the ecological barrier to the urban environment, tourist center and sightseeing as well as leisure places for citizens.

2) Outskirt town and rural settlement
  Plan the land use of towns and villages in the scope of urban construction; according to the request of overall planning layout, build up residential settlements instead of villages, and set up street communities instead of towns, properly settle down the land use for residential settlements, extend the construction of multi-level apartments; the allocation of multi-layer and paralleled apartments should be under 38 square meters per capita and 60 square meters per capita respectively; towns and villages independent from the land use of urban construction should speed up the urbanization with populations congregation to central towns and grass-roots villages to central villages; each town should map out the overall planning as well as the planning of town center and villages; per capita construction land use should not surpass the planning standard of towns and villages in Zhejiang province; encourage the multi-level apartments in central town and paralleled house in villages; present the modern rural residential settlements and towns full of local characteristics and with road net more appropriate, infrastructure more complete, green environment more favorable.