Phasing and short-term Construction

1) Phasing: Actively carry out the strategy of tourism westward movement, two optimals and three rises. The short term construction of main city zone focuses on the protection of historic and cultural heritages, the construction of Qiangjiang New city, the comprehensive protections of Westlake scenic areas, the tourist zones and tourism service facilities, gradually adjust the land use structure; the long-term plan would continue to protect the historical and cultural heritages, construct the Qianjiang New City and tourist zones, adjust land use structure and gradually relieve the main city zone population and part of city functions to the sub-city and its periphery city cluster.
  Actively implement the cross-river and southward movement; the short-term priority for Jiangnan District would be the speed-up for the construction of the Binjiang Town of Science and Technology and Xinlu Area of Xiaoshan City (sub-center at city level), and development of high-tech industry; the long-term plan would further build and perfect the Town of Science and Technology and sub-center at city level, and undertake part of the city-level functions.
  Actively implement eastward city expansion and riverside development strategy; the short-term construction of Xiasha subcity is focusing on the construction of High-education Zone and Industry Zone; start the construction of Xiasha Center Zone (sub center at city-level). Linping subcity (county level city) should deal with the start-up of the construction of Hangzhou-Qianjiang Economic Development Zone and finish the first-phase construction and continue to build up the Yuhang Economic and technological development zone (Linping industry Zone); the long-term plan would continue to construct the Yuhang Economic development Zone, Hangzhou Qianjiang Economic Development Zone, perfect the role of sub-center at city level and undertake part of the city-level functions.
  The short term construction of the six cluster-groups in the outskirt of the city is focusing on the construction of the public centre and the city infrastructures such as city road net, water supply and drainage and power supply, build up the high-speed transit link to the main city zone, sub-cities, and other cluster-groups; Yipeng cluster-group should effectively deal with the start-up construction of Jiangdong Industry Zone of Hangzhou, Linjiang Industry Zone of Xiaoshan, and Jiangdong Zone of Yipeng and finish the first phase project; the long-term plan would continue to perfect the public center of cluster-groups and infrastructure with moderate construction and development; Yipeng cluster-group would continue to construct the industry zone and living supporting facilities and education facilities.

2) Key priority of construction: Speed up the transformation of the clustered old urban area and the construction of economical housing, public houses, resettlement residential houses and college student’s apartments; improve the living conditions of citizens, especially the low or middle income families.
  Actively protect the historical and cultural heritages; protect the historical and cultural street blocs, cultural relics and historical landmarks and historical construction; strengthen the conservation of the Westlake scenic areas and construction of tourist areas, especially the comprehensive conservation project of Westlake.
  Speed up the construction of Qianjiang New City; carry out the tourism westward movement strategy; accelerate the construction of three sub-cities and high-education Zones with high starting point and high standard; effectively deal with start-up construction of the Jiangdong Industry Zone, Linjiang Industry Zone, Qianjiang Economic development Zone and finish the first phase project.
  Expedite the construction of arterial and secondary road and the No.1 and No.2 subway projects; speed up the construction of high-speed transit link between the main city zone and sub-cities, sub-cities and cluster-group, and among the cluster-groups.
  Accelerate the perfection of the infrastructure, public service facilities and investment environment; speed up the pipeline net transformation for the separation from the rain water to sewage and the construction of sewage interception project; continue to strengthen the treatment of the city river and old urban environment; expand the urban green space to promote the good circling of the urban eco-environment.